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  • 3 Effective Tactics Every Business Should Implement
    No matter what business you're in , these 3 tactics can work for you.
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    June 10, 2022 - posted by marketing
  • Get the best from Social Media
    Use these social media tips and best practices to get the most traction on the social networks where your customers spend their time.
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    April 19, 2022 - posted by marketing
  • Beginner\u2019s Guide To Digital Marketing For Small Business
    The best digital marketing strategies incentivise customers to follow your business, generating brand awareness, and...  more
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    August 25, 2021 - posted by marketing
  • Survive the impact of COVID-19
    Ensure you business survives the COVID-19 Pandemic
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    March 19, 2020 - posted by Richard Lehnerdt
  • Vehicle height may halt WP crop exports in 2019
    Western Province fruit and citrus farmers may not be able to export their crops next year unless there is a change in the...  more
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    February 21, 2019 - posted by Dave Zimmerman
    Premier Helen Zille’s State of the Province address and her account of the progress made in the Western Cape give a clear...  more
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    February 18, 2019 - posted by Admin Admin
  • Shocked by load shedding
    The Chamber is shocked by the sudden dramatic increase in load shedding.

    How is it possible for six units to go down at the...  more
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    February 11, 2019 - posted by Dave Zimmerman