Adertise your content

Advertise Your Content members are entitled to place ads on the site. These appear on many types of pages, including the home page, profiles, content pages, external pages like your existing website, etc. The adverts can promote the business itself, its services/solutions, or a specific special offer. Content already available on can also be promoted. Social actions, such as the ability to “Rate” an ad offers additional engagement. does not sell your information to advertisers. Adverts are charged on a “pay-per-view” basis. There are advertising packages to suit every budget. You can view these advertising packages here.

Targeted Media Spend

With a profile on, enterprises can advertise services or products required or offered, post informative articles, list events and sell tickets online. These mini-web- sites offer optimised SEO, with every word on the site functioning as a keyword – offering efficiency and efficacy.


Before you can meet your objectives, you need to know what they are. Do you want to build brand awareness, create new leads, position yourself as a thought leader, get registrations for an event, or all of the above?

  1. Brand Awareness

    Share your brand with your audience. Build a reputation and make your company and its services recognisable in the market. To achieve this, you need to build connexions with potential customers, suppliers and business partners – these connexions help to share your brand with your local community. This promotes both growth and economic development.

  2. Lead Generation

    With every new connexion, you exponentially increase the ability to identify business opportunities. With a solid online presence, and by sharing interesting and valuable content, members of your target market will develop an interest in your products and services. With these leads, you’re empowered to grow your business in a meaningful way. 

  3. Thought Leadership 

    Sharing insightful information about your industry positions you as a thought leader.  This method of marketing, entailing the sharing of your expertise and knowledge, solidifies you as an expert and authority within your industry. Once you’re known as an informed opinion leader, connexions will come to you for your advice as a professional in your field. With this reputation, business growth is inevitable. 

  4. Event Registration

    Supporting local events promotes economic growth and community development.
    On Connexion.Zone, profile holders share vital information about upcoming events
    in a meaningful way - reaching relevant contacts to help make every event a resounding success. Use your Business Profile to promote your upcoming events.
Key ways to measure if you’re being effective:

  • Page followers
  • Post clicks
  • Engagement (Rates and shares of your posts)
  • Comments
Results take time!

By actively utilizing Connexion.Zone’s many features and engaging on your Business Profile page for 15 minutes to half an hour a day, you will soon see the results as your connexions expand and engagement with your business offering improves.
Promote Engagement

  1. Increase your reach by asking clients to rate your company by writing a review (Five-star rating system and written review)
    If there are complaints, these can also be put up, so that users know it’s a real rating, and the resolution to the complaint should also be followed up on
  2. Users can rate individual products/services
  3. Engage with comments in various articles/RFQs/groups
  4. Post RFQ’s - as much as the site is about selling products and services, part of promoting the brand is helping other local businesses - so if you’re looking for a product/service, post something in the RFQ section