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The Seattle Seahawks not only

  • July 4, 2019
    lost to the San Francisco 49ers

    on Sunday Ugo Amadi
    , but they didn’t get favorable results in other games. All of a
    sudden, the Minnesota Vikings are 1鈦? game behind Seattle again for the #5 seed,
    while both Washington and the Philadelphia Eagles scored unlikely road wins to
    boost themselves to 7-7. We’ll see if the Carolina Panthers can cap off a crazy
    Week 15 by beating the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football.I don’t want
    this to be a “doom and gloom” playoff picture article, but I also remember when
    the Seahawks were 8-4 last year and had an outside shot at the #2 seed. Instead,
    the perfect storm of bad results knocked Seattle out of a playoff spot by Week
    17. You should always brace for the worst case scenario, and unlike last year,
    the good news for the 2018 Seahawks is they’re guaranteed to still be in a wild
    card spot regardless of Week 16’s results.So what is that worst case scenario?
    Here you go...—Seahawks lose vs. the Kansas City Chiefs AND—Washington wins at
    the Tennessee Titans AND—Eagles win vs. the Houston Texans AND—Vikings win at
    the Detroit LionsThat would mean the Seahawks, Washington, and Philadelphia
    would all be at 8-7, while the Vikings would have an 8-6-1 record plus the #5
    seed. It also makes it mathematically impossible for the Seahawks to qualify for
    the playoffs at 8-8, as Philly and Washington play each other in Week 17.
    Seattle has never lost three straight games in a season under Russell Wilson,
    but frankly if they can’t win at home against an Arizona Cardinals team that
    looks worse now than when these two teams met in Week 4, they really don’t
    deserve to be in the playoffs.Again, this is the worst case scenario, not the
    likely scenario. If Washington and Philadelphia both lose, Seattle has a much
    greater chance of qualifying in a situation where they collapse to 8-8. The best
    case scenario is that the Seahawks beat the Chiefs, and a trio of losses by
    Washington, Philadelphia, and Minnesota assure Seattle of the #5 seed and a
    chance to rest starters against the Cardinals in week 17. The Panthers already
    lost to the Seahawks, so even if they win out, one Seattle victory renders
    Carolina unable to overtake Seattle. So let’s root for that! It would be unfair
    to compare just about any team to the 2013 Seattle Seahawks other than other
    championship teams. The 2013 Seahawks are in the conversation for a top-five
    defense all-time and unlike many all-time defenses, they also had a quarterback
    who is on a Hall of Fame path through his first seven seasons, a Hall of Fame
    caliber running back, and a receiver who could definitely be in the Hall of Slot
    Receivers and if he plays another 7-8 years at a high level ... who
    knows.Seattle’s 2018 team however had pretty much the quarterback, a hobbled
    version of that receiver, and the middle linebacker. They had some other nice
    pieces around them, an advantage here or there to the 2013 Seahawks, but if you
    actually compare them roster-to-roster you start to wonder just how in the hell
    this team went 10-6 and made the
    playoffs.Well Mychal
    Kendricks Jersey
    , it’s because the 2018 Seahawks were a “playoff team”
    but as you’ll see in comparing position groups, they are nowhere near a
    “championship team.” In fact, if you think Seattle was close to resembling the
    2012 Seahawks and are one year away from being like they were in 2013, I’d argue
    that after doing this comparison, they’re more like the 2011 version. Until they
    find out if Tre Flowers can develop like Richard Sherman, if they’ll have anyone
    close to the caliber of Earl Thomas, if Jacob Martin is on the rise, if they can
    add not one, but two really good edge rushers, another defensive tackle, if
    Shaquill Griffin can at least settle into being a Byron Maxwell type, then
    Seattle may be two years away from competing for first in the division rather
    than one. Much like 2012, the Seahawks had to get around a championship-caliber
    division-mate, and the LA Rams don’t seem likely to slow down that quickly.Now
    enough of the depressing stuff and onto the more depressing stuff.I’m comparing
    relevant players at each position. My judgment is just that: my judgment. It is
    not a fact, just an opinion, and in some cases it’s one that I could change with
    a good enough argument against it. When I went through each position, I came
    away with a score of 10 to 2 in advantage of the 2013 Seahawks and fittingly, I
    think you could make a case for 12-0. Even if you had it at 8-4, most of those
    eight wins were blowouts.The Seahawks have gone through a lot of changes in the
    wrong direction over the last five years and yes, I’m one of the optimistic and
    bright-side Seattle writers! QB - Russell Wilson vs Russell WilsonAdvantage -
    2018You could call it a wash if you want to. I think Wilson has certainly
    improved over the last five years and is a more “complete” quarterback with all
    the experience that comes with starting the number of games he has in that
    period of time. Consider that he’s also doing more with a lot less. If you
    factored in salary then you could make a stronger argument for 2012-2015 Wilson,
    but I’m not doing that here.RB - Marshawn Lynch vs Chris CarsonBackups - Robert
    Turbin, Christine Michael vs Mike Davis, Rashaad PennyFB - Derrick Coleman vs
    Tre MaddenAdvantage - 2013Carson actually averaged .5 more yards per carry this
    season than Lynch did during Seattle’s Super Bowl run, and he’s one of my
    favorite backs in the league, but there’s only one Marshawn Lynch. That’s kind
    of also the point: Carroll could more easily utilize a single-back system with
    Lynch, who played more downs, didn’t miss any games, scored more
    touchdowns Steve
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    , and had more receiving yards. Even including
    backup contributions, the better backfield seemed to belong to 2013.WR - Doug
    Baldwin, Golden Tate, Jermaine Kearse, Sidney Rice, Ricardo Lockette (Percy
    Harvin) vs Doug Baldwin, Tyler Lockett, David Moore, Jaron Brown, Brandon
    MarshallAdvantage - 20132018 Lockett might be the best receiver in the whole
    bunch, but this season also included a hobbled Baldwin and pretty poor depth
    that showed itself when they were called upon to do more because of Doug’s
    health. A healthy Baldwin and Tate were a more complete and consistent 1-2,
    while Kearse came up huge in the playoffs.TE - Zach Miller, Luke Willson, Kellen
    Davis vs Ed Dickson, Nick Vannett, Will DisslyAdvantage - 2013Miller didn’t
    quite live up to the expectations of his free agent contract in 2011 but he
    alone was probably far more effective than Dickson and Vannett combined. Would
    have liked to have seen more of Dissly, but unfortunately for everyone that did
    not happen. The tight ends in 2018 were perhaps one of the most underrated
    weaknesses of the team.OL - Russell Okung, James Carpenter, Max Unger, JR
    Sweezy, Breno Giacomini vs Duane Brown, JR Sweezy, Justin Britt, DJ Fluker,
    Germain IfediBackups - Paul McQuistan, Alvin Bailey, Lemuel Jeanpierre, Michael
    Bowie vs Joey
    Hunt Patrick
    Kerney Color Rush Jersey
    , Jordan Simmons, Ethan Pocic, George
    FantAdvantage - 2013 I have it as 2013, but I don’t know, Okung did miss half of
    the season. Both lines had their strengths at left tackle and center, but I’d
    think Unger is typically considered the superior player to Britt. I don’t think
    any of the other starters are particular “strengths” but at best it might be a
    wash.DT - Brandon Mebane, Tony McDaniel, Clinton McDonald vs Jarran Reed, Shamar
    Stephen, Poona Ford, Nazair JonesAdvantage - 2013Similar to Lockett and the
    receiver, Reed might be the best of the group but the depth in 2013 was so
    fantastically better. We all like Ford, but he wasn’t even utilized that heavily
    until late in the year.DE - Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett, Chris Clemons. Red
    Bryant, O’Brien Schofield vs Frank Clark, Quinton Jefferson, Dion Jordan,
    Branden Jackson, Rasheem GreenAdvantage - 2013Either this or cornerback or
    safety is the biggest slaughter of comps, which emphasizes just how next-level
    the 2013 Seattle defense was. They will go down with a few Hall of Famers, a
    handful of Pro Bowlers, and a bevy of talented starters, some of whom were
    relegated to backup duty on that 53. Clark was a top-ranked pass rusher in 2018,
    but Avril, Bennett, Clemons, and Bryant is just sledgehammer after sledgehammer
    for opposing tackles and running backs. LB - Bobby
    Wagner Germain
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    , KJ Wright, Bruce Irvin, Malcolm Smith, Mike
    Morgan vs Bobby Wagner, KJ Wright, Mychal Kendricks, Barkevious Mingo, Jacob
    Martin, Austin Calitro, Shaquem GriffinAdvantage - 2013A couple of the names
    might be the same and Wagner is as good as ever, but Wright missed too much
    time, Kendricks was in the same boat, and Mingo’s not even as good as Smith, let
    alone Irvin. It’s another big advantage for 2013.CB - Richard Sherman, Brandon
    Browner, Byron Maxwell, Walter Thurmond vs Shaquill Griffin, Tre Flowers, Justin
    Coleman, Akeem KingAdvantage - 2013The number one corner is a blowout in 2013’s
    favor, the number two corner still has an advantage for 2013 though I think we
    are all hoping Flowers develops like Sherman did. You could maybe argue an
    advantage in the slot for 2018 but I’m not sure it would be a strong argument
    and this is another landslide for 2013.S - Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor vs
    Bradley McDougald, Tedric Thompson, Delano HillBackups - Jeron Johnson, Chris
    Maragos vs Maurice Alexander, Shalom LuaniAdvantage - 2013Moving on...K -Steven
    Hauschka vs Sebastian JanikowskiAdvantage - 2013Hauschka made 33 of 35 attempts
    in 2013 whereas Janikowski was 22 of 27 and had three missed PATs.P - Jon Ryan
    vs Michael DicksonAdvantage - 2018Woo, 2018! Some may argue Ryan over Dickson
    and I really would not care too much. Dickson is a first team All-Pro though and
    his net average 5.5 yards longer than Ryan’s was in 2013. The team may have been
    worse this season but Dickson only had four more punts this season than Ryan did
    that year.