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  • July 1, 2019
    导出博客文章This shouldnt come as a shock, considering his former line of work, but it
    usually doesnt take Phil Brooks long to make an impression.Take UFC welterweight
    champion Tyron Woodley, for example. He first met Brooks, better known as former
    pro wrestler CM Punk, in January 2015, and thanks to pure coincidence, the two
    joined Roufusport martial arts academy in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, around the same
    time.Punk, 37, was brand new to the sport at that point, signing with the UFC
    the previous month despite having no experience. Woodley was a veteran who, as
    it would turn out, was just 18 months away from winning a UFC title.Unlike some
    of his peers, Woodley never took issue with Punks fast track to the UFC. He
    wasnt necessarily a fan either. He was indifferent to Punks story at first, but
    quickly came to respect him, even learn from him.One of the first conversations
    we had, we were talking about the WWE, and he told this story about early in his
    career, a guy came down from the big circuit and asked if anyone knew how to
    ride a motorcycle, Woodley said. Everyone in the room started answering, No, no,
    no. Punk stood up and said, I can ride a bike. The guy said, Cool, were pulling
    you up for this show. After he left, everybody was like, Man, youre so lucky. If
    only I knew how to ride a bike, and Punk said, I dont know how to ride a bike,
    but Ill learn between now and then.He was telling this story like it was funny
    or a joke, but it was inspiring to me. Just that mindset: You dont have to have
    it all figured out.It has taken longer than some originally expected, but that
    same mindset has carried Punk to his Octagon debut against Mickey Gall (2-0) at
    UFC 203 on Saturday inside Clevelands Quicken Loans Arena.The impression Punk
    will ultimately have on MMA might take longer than the one he made on Woodley,
    Then again, maybe not. Perhaps Saturday will mark the start and finish of Punks
    career, or maybe hell fight into his 40s. Its hard to say.A celebrity with no
    experience making his MMA debut in the sports top promotion, against a
    24-year-old opponent who was hand-picked during an internet mini-series --
    theres no precedent for something like this.At the very least, one would assume
    theres pressure on Punk to look respectable Saturday. Many view him as a
    privileged star who has been gifted an opportunity he doesnt deserve. Punk is
    not a fighter but has been afforded the luxury of the UFCs promotional muscle.
    Hes taking attention away from the real athletes in Cleveland, and probably
    earning more than them. Those who see it this way want Punk to lose, badly --
    enough that hell never venture close to a cage again.Punk and his team claim hes
    not feeling that pressure though. As trite as it sounds, he just wanted to get
    in a fight, and it isnt more complicated than that. Placing it under a spotlight
    only made sense, but its not the main reason behind it.Punk gets hounded by
    people, but theyre not seeing it from his perspective, UFC lightweight and
    Roufusport teammate Erik Koch?said. Punk never asked to fight in the UFC. He
    said, Hey, this is something Id like to try, and when Dana White heard that, he
    jumped all over it. Punk said, Id feel like a jackass if I turned this
    opportunity down. People kill for this opportunity.I think a lot of people are
    under the impression theres this pressure on Punk, and in a way there is, but
    hes doing this to have fun. Hes doing it because at the end of his life, he
    wants to look back and say, Hey, I did that s---.In the last year, Punk uprooted
    his life from Chicago to Milwaukee to eliminate the daily drive to practice. At
    the peak intensity of his training, he was in the gym three times per day.He has
    been a teammate to former lightweight champion Anthony Pettis during a
    championship fight week. Earlier this year, Punk and Koch went to a movie
    theater in Milwaukee while Koch was in the process of dropping weight. Instead
    of popcorn, Koch brought what he thought were hard-boiled eggs as a snack, but
    mistakenly grabbed raw ones. When he cracked an egg all over himself in the
    theater, Punk nearly died laughing. In recent months, Punk has gone through the
    process of trimming weight himself.In the fight itself, anything can happen, and
    although he has hinted at fighting beyond Saturday, nothing is guaranteed. After
    UFC 203, though, Punk will have experienced the life of a professional fighter.
    In that sense, hes already comfortable with the outcome.I dont think it was ever
    questioned whether physically I could handle the training camp, Punk said. I
    think mentally was the question, but now we all know.[Regarding naysayers], if I
    set foot in the Octagon, Ive already won. Im doing something that a lot of
    people thought I couldnt do. At the end of the day, I dont want to walk in there
    and lose. I want to show up. I want to beat Mickey. Theres so many different
    variables, everything has to line up on that one perfect day, you know, and Im
    looking to that on [Saturday].
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    he has exercised his option to purchase a Major League Soccer expansion
    franchise in Miami. GENEVA -- After an internal investigation, UEFA has found
    that former general secretary Gianni Infantino and current president Aleksander
    Ceferin did not break any rules when the governing body of European soccer sent
    a multimillion dollar loan to the Slovenian federation.The 4 million euro ($4.4
    million) deal for a betting company investment in June 2015 -- which an internal
    UEFA report says was granted in real exception -- has been scrutinized because
    it was signed off by Infantino and Ceferin. They have since won unexpected
    elections as presidents of FIFA and UEFA, respectively.A Norwegian magazine
    reported that FIFA ethics prosecutors are investigating Infantinos part in the
    loan. It said UEFA flouted financial protocol to approve the money, and noted
    that FIFAs code of ethics prohibits individuals from investing in soccer
    gambling operators.The UEFA disciplinary committee asked its investigations unit
    to report on claims initially made by Scandinavian media last month.The inquiry
    document, seen by The Associated Press, concluded that UEFA and the Slovenian
    federation respected the relevant provisions and conditions of granting loans to
    members.The loan was granted entirely in accordance with standard UEFA
    procedures and that the use of the loan funds by the Slovenian (federation)
    raised no questions either, UEFA said Wednesday in a statement to the AP.The
    document noted that FIFAs ethical rules on betting and integrity of matches
    relate to persons, not institutions. The code, therefore, does neither apply to
    UEFA, nor to national associations, the document concludes.Despite UEFAs
    internal report, FIFA ethics prosecutors can independently seek evidence and
    demand witness statements. However, it is unclear if an early stage probe has
    begun.The investigatory chamber of the FIFA ethics committee said it would never
    confirm an ongoing preliminary inquiry. But that can lead to a formal case being
    opened, which would typically be announced.The multimillion dollar loan from
    UEFA was detailed last month after FIFA built closer links to Slovenia.In July,
    FIFA appointed Slovenia state auditor Tomaz Vesel to chair its independent audit
    and compliance committee and a panel which sets salaries. Norwegian magazine
    Josimar reported that Vesel plays on an amateur soccer team with Ceferin, who it
    claimed was supported by Infantinos staff in what became a landslide winn for
    the UEFA presidency in September.ddddddddddddnterviewed by the AP last week,
    Ceferin described reports seeking to implicate him as mosquito bites helped by
    an old guard of soccer insiders opposing him.They had to try to invent some
    non-stories, Ceferin said at UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland, insisting
    the loan was as clean as possible. We asked for a loan, it was a strategic
    investment.The report says Infantino was not directly involved in Slovenias
    formal request in December 2014, which had one sole known and well-documented
    aim -- to buy a 17.3 percent share of the state lottery Sportna loterija. The
    owners include the Slovenian Olympic committee and national ski federation.UEFA
    said its loan policy is to co-finance strategic projects with a lasting impact
    and can never be granted to support bad management or wrong decisions.Slovenia
    got exceptional treatment at two stages of the process, the report acknowledged,
    though notes that UEFA previously granted 25 loans to member federations.One
    exception was in granting a force majeure loan in May 2015 that had to be
    approved by five senior UEFA officials, including then-president Michel Platini
    and Infantino. A detailed cash-flow plan also had to be given, and the Slovenian
    federation suggested the investment would earn extra revenue after eight
    years.UEFA said it also allows in very exceptional cases for its finance
    committee to grant loans guaranteed against a members future payments from
    UEFA-controlled broadcasting and sponsorship sales of World Cup and European
    Championship qualifying matches.UEFA wrote to Ceferin on April 28, 2015, that
    Platini must approve how Slovenia could repay the loan. It would be offset
    against 800,000 euro ($870,000) payments Slovenia was due to get each August
    from 2016 through 2020.Noting that other UEFA members had commercial ties to
    betting operators, the report said the Spanish soccer federation got 1 percent
    of national lottery profits which was worth 70 million euros ($76 million) since
    1998.Furthermore, and as everybody knows, it is not at all uncommon for national
    football associations, or for football clubs, to have commercial relationships
    with companies in the lottery or gaming business, UEFA said in its statement
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