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  • July 1, 2019
    MIAMI -- Udonis Haslem was leading some banter with Miami Heat teammates after practice Monday, the jokes and laughter helping everyone wind down after practice.Thats how he defines locker room talk.Donald Trumps characterization of his caught-on-tape crude and predatory comments about women as locker room talk has raised the ire of plenty of athletes, the overwhelming majority saying that what goes on even in private doesnt match up to what the Republican presidential nominee said on the now-infamous leaked tape.I dont know what locker room hes been in, Haslem said. No, I didnt appreciate it, to be completely honest. Thats not our locker room talk. I dont know Trump very well at all, but I dont know who hes played for the last couple years to even say hes been in anybodys locker room and had those kind of conversations.On the tape, recorded in 2005, Trump brags about kissing, grabbing womens genitals and trying to have sex with women other than his wife. When youre a star, they let you do it, he bragged. You can do anything.It didnt sound like any talk in any locker room that Ive ever been in, so maybe it was just a phrase, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Andrew Hawkins said. But it was wrong.Athletes fired back en masse at Trump to send the message that they dont talk like he does. Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Brett Anderson , Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Chris Conley , Jamal Crawford of the Los Angeles Clippers and retired NFL players Donte Stallworth and Chris Kluwe all were among the first to speak out, and many have since followed.Saying its never heard, however, may be a stretch. Some described hearing crude, profane or degrading comments routinely.Most definitely, said Tennessee Titans tight end Delanie Walker, when asked if hes heard the off-color chatter. Yeah, I have.Ron Darling, the former major league pitcher whos now a television analyst, said such language isnt hard to find -- and its found in the locker room, the boardroom, and country clubs.The hard part, for Darling, was trying to avoid it -- which he said he would do by walking away.Every repugnant thing that you can think of has probably been said in a clubhouse at some point, Darling said at Fenway Park on Monday night, right before the Indians-Red Sox playoff game.The thing about it is that its the lowest common denominator thing. So its the person with the foulest and worst mind and mouth is the person that becomes the loudmouth in the clubhouse, he said.A lot of times clubhouses get associated with that person. Its a shame. Its why I chose personally -- if my mom heard me say things like that, she would beat the s--- out of me.But the majority of athletes and coaches who have spoken out since the tape was published by The Washington Post and NBC News on Friday insist that what typically goes on stops well short of the level that Trump went to in his descriptions of grabbing women on that tape.Were working hard on our young men understanding that women are priceless and should be treated as such, Ole Miss football coach Hugh Freeze said.Former NBA player Shane Battier said the locker room issue shouldnt be limited to the conversations athletes have among themselves.Be it right or misguided, the locker room -- in however you define it -- is probably one of the last places where most people feel safe expressing themselves without of the fear of judgment or backlash, Battier said.To even suggest that locker rooms are barren of such talk and innuendo would be futile.The handling of sexual assault cases at the college level has been under fire for some time. Baylor fired football coach Art Briles after an investigation showed the program mishandled and covered up allegations. Tennessee struck a $2.48 million settlement after a lawsuit alleged the Volunteers didnt properly address some sexual assault claims involving athletes. Earlier this year, Florida State agreed to pay $950,000 to a woman who said she was raped by former Seminoles star Jameis Winston.And three years ago, the Miami Dolphins season unraveled amid claims of players bullying their own teammates in the locker room.If that is the actual talk thats happening in locker rooms, its time to look at the leaders and examine their culture as to why those conversations happen, Miami womens basketball coach Katie Meier said.At the WNBA Finals, Minnesota Lynx coach Cheryl Reeve said the mere notion of locker room talk further shows that women arent treated equally.He was trying to say, `Its what men do. And that to me is the inherent problem, Reeve said. It IS what men do. Lets not have all these men stand up and say, `Well, we dont do that! ... Donald Trumps candidacy has shined the light on so many problems that exist that I always talk about. He is the epitome of all these things. Hes not alone. It is behavior thats been accepted for years.Dolphins linebacker Jelani Jenkins said the culture within locker rooms has changed for the better in recent years -- and it may be because theres been more of a crackdown when issues arise.For sure, Jenkins said. People have gotten in trouble for certain things, like bullying, homophobia, different things like that that are very sensitive subjects. So guys are really careful what they say.Washington State football coach Mike Leach -- who introduced Trump at a rally in Spokane earlier this year -- said there was no justification for the comments.However, he still supports Trump.There are no perfect people out there, Leach said.---AP Sports Writers Teresa M. 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The Seattle Mariners have suspended backup catcher Steve Clevenger without pay for the rest of the season a day after he sent racist tweets criticizing protesters in Charlotte, North Carolina; the Black Lives Matter movement; and President Barack Obama.In the tweets, which have since been deleted, Clevenger mocked the groups in Charlotte protesting the shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott, whom he called a thug, while referencing Colin Kaepernicks weekly demonstration to kneel during the national anthem to raise awareness of police brutality. He also called Black Lives Matter and Obama pathetic and said everyone involved should be locked behind bars like animals. (Clevenger has since released an apology.)So, can we stop calling Kaepernicks protests meaningless now??What Clevenger didnt realize is the extent to which he was proving Kaepernicks point -- and, perhaps more importantly, the extent to which he was proving Kaepernicks detractors wrong. Here you have a white player aggressively criticizing on-the-ground protesting by implying its too loud, while in the same breath criticizing a silent protest by a fellow athlete.In the weeks of debate over national anthem protests, much has been said about the seemingly no-win situation in which Kaepernick and others find themselves. When protests hit the streets, those inconvenienced by them admonish demonstrators for not undertaking more peaceful means. When peaceful protests occur on the field, players are told their gestures are distracting and ineffective.At the very least, we can debunk the ineffective part. Here we are, weeks later, still talking about the protests, which have grown across players, teams and leagues. The protests have spread from Kaepernick to Megan Rapinoe to entire NFL and WNBA teams. Theyve inspired Adam Jones to spark a conversation about race in baseball and the importance of white allies. Theyve led to quick, actionable consequences for a player tweeting incendiary things.Sure, Seattle is among the most liberal cities in the country, and Clevenger is a journeyman backup catcher who has barely managed a full seasons worth of total games in his six years in the majors. Hes not exactly Dan Wilson, and the Mariners didnt exactly have to sweat over this decision.Clevenger was quick to place Scott into thee thug category, while criticizing protesters for being too violent in the wake of a shooting of one civilian by another during the demonstrations.ddddddddddddut in the wake of the killings of Scott in Charlotte and Terence Crutcher in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Kaepernicks detractors have remained largely silent, save for the few like Clevenger doubling down on the narrative that black people getting gunned down in the streets must somehow deserve it -- and those choosing to speak up about it belong behind bars. That no matter their means, dissenting black voices will always be shouted down.Another somewhat troubling narrative has emerged in the hours since Clevengers suspension: that theres an inherent hypocrisy in supporting the free speech behind on-field protests of the national anthem while condemning a player for tweeting, even if people on both sides disagree with both messages. Thats a rational conversation we can have, but this instance isnt the place.People such as Justin Verlander and Kate Upton have the right to tweet misguided and poorly formed opinions on anthem protests. But when a player refers to black protesters as animals and calls for their mass incarceration, not to mention throwing our president in there, we should draw the line. We can debate where, exactly, that line should be and how it should be drawn. We cant debate that the line does exist. As ESPN the Magazines Mina Kimes put it, theres a difference between political commentary and hate speech. The blurring of that line only leads to more of the latter.So yes, the Mariners suspended a relatively meaningless player, for the relatively meaningless number of 10 remaining games, to the relatively meaningless tune of $34,000 pay. And yes, the Mariners probably decided that Clevengers statements construed conduct detrimental to the team from a PR perspective.?But the movement Kaepernick started, as an extension of Black Lives Matter, in reaction to an ongoing crisis with which scores of both players and fans across the major sports can identify, is what has finally begun to render hate speech detrimental. Hopefully this will continue to extend from speech, to attitude, to action. Cheap Jerseys China NFL Jerseys Cheap NBA Jerseys Wholesale NHL Jerseys Wholesale MLB Jerseys Cheap Soccer Jerseys China Wholesale NCAA Jerseys Wholesale Football Jerseys Wholesale Basketball Jerseys Wholesale Baseball Jerseys ' ' '