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Your Business Profile is the gateway to valuable connexions with local businesses, suppliers, and service providers. It is an effective, socially-driven business platform that helps you build brand awareness, share your knowledge and expertise (positioning you as a thought leader in your industry), and engage with the right people at the right time, for the right reason.

The key to growth is engagement. The key to engagement is connexion. Business success relies wholly on connexion for success. For others to connect with you, your business must
be visible – and in the modern age, online visibility is one of the most important presences to establish. With, you'll make the most of every opportunity, by reaching the audience that matters most to your business.

Get your Business Profile going, and enjoy the benefits of a constant online presence. It’s time to start using your most effective marketing tool: enables Business growth
Business growth

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In a digital world, the fastest and most reliable way to connect is through social platforms. The key is creating a meaningful connexion with the right suppliers and customers, at the right time. is the go-to site for local business. It is a central, online connecting site for businesses of all sizes, in all sectors.

Want access to a meaningful, constant online presence that goes further than listing skills or services? is the answer. With unique location-centric features, the platform links back and cultivates local businesses, promoting economic development. We’ve taken the best qualities of social media platforms and created an all-in-one social business hub that is specifically geared towards local business growth.

By joining the growing network, businesses are empowered to explore the newest opportunities within their communities – bringing them one step closer to success!


With a Business Profile you’ll connect and interact with your target market, the best suppliers, and potential partners. Use your Business Profile to drive engagement, identify your customer’s pain points and their solutions, and broaden your reach within your community. Whether sharing details about a service or product, your latest promotions, recruitment opportunities, or key issues within your industry – your Business Profile gives you the platform to showcase the best side of your business.

The Business Profile is not just a simple introduction to your business. It is, in fact, a powerful marketing tool, ensuring you have a 24/7 online presence. Creating a connexion is the first step, driving action is the second. Your Profile is purpose-built to connect businesses, suppliers, and service providers with each other, and potential customers, ensuring viral business growth.

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With a Business Profile, you get:
  • An always-on business profile
  • Search engine type functionality
  • A mini-website driving SEO
  • Positive local economic development
  • Access to an authoritative connecting platform for SMEs
  • Expert matchmaking of your businesses with relevant opportunities
  • More business for better growth

Building an online presence on, you’re given the opportunity to develop a unique voice, tailored to every vital part of your business. This distinct platform helps you share each aspect of your business with the right audience.

To make your Business Profile more effective:
  • Use relevant keywords to drive Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Connect with other businesses on the network
  • Share content and engage with content added by others
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Let people find your content Get found on Search Engines Show them you're open for business More connexions, more leads, more sales.