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Assisting SME's

SME growth

SME's are the fundamental building blocks to building a sustainable economy, yet many fail within the first 5 years.

The two biggest stumbling blocks SME's face is access to market and access to finance. offers a variety of tools and services for SME's to overcome these obstacles:


Access to Market access to market
  • Registration as smme transaction ready user on
  • Creation of company page, listing of products in the marketplace.
  • Advertising bundle on, online and print media.
  • Creation of media and brand strategy


connexion.growth is an ongoing entrepreneur support initiative that starts with a subsidised, one-year business development programme delivered through a combination of operational support solutions, skills development workshops, and mentorship support.


connexion.growth connects the entrepreneur to a database of organisations that can provide further assistance (i.e. peer networking, market access, operational support, and funding services.)


connexion.growth uses three powerful tools to promote business and personal growth:

  • Business training and mentorship - one-on- one coaching that helps give customized business development advice
  • Network Support - guided access to organisations offering enablement, market access, Fiduciary/Risk management, Knowledge and Skills Development, Strategic alignment and business performance, and access to, among others.
  • Back Office platform that provides access to markets as well as transacting, CRM, Invoicing, Accounting, Payroll, web and email hosting.


The basic service is as follows:

  • Phase 1 (3 months): Selection, Planning, and Develop. Teaches and applies relevant business development topics: entrepreneur profiling, business modelling and strategy (including marketing and advertising, pricing and accounting, and ethics in the marketplace). This will include setup and training on the various platforms available.
  • Phase 2 (12 months): Accelerate and Measure. Executing of the business strategy and instilling the plan-do-review cycle of continuous improvement.